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Home Products Welding machine MIG/MAG Welding machine Inverter DC Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine HD500 for the IGBT inverter multi-function digital pulse MIG wel
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HD500 for the IGBT inverter multi-function digital pulse MIG wel
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HD500 for the IGBT inverter multi-function digital pulse MIG wel

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Welding speed and efficiency of the development of modern welding direction is efficient digital welding machine welding and automatic welding of the base. However, as digital signal processing of digital technology and production arc welding process withMaterial, and its many advantages, more and more attracted industry attention. In view of its high control precision, dynamic response, the control circuit is simple and easier to implement welding process, welding, high efficiency, easy operation and user-friendly, feature upgrades, convenient, easy to implement network, intelligence, and a number of advantages such as automatic welding robot , our company successfully developed a digital pulse IGBT inverter MIG welder - HD500.
Mainly on the HD500 do the following three aspects of the description:
A, HD500 Introduction
HD500 for the IGBT inverter multi-function digital pulse MIG welding machine , "Multi" is because not only DC pulsed MIG welding can also be used for DC-MAG welding. "Pulse" is a pulse waveform is used because it is under the control of a pulse drop of the melting drop transfer method. 
HD500 is my company in 2006 with the Welding Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed by two years of continuous process in this experiment, changes in procedures, functionality, and some destructive experiments, the features and performance are now able to meet the requirements. 
Our high-speed camera captured each pulse welding process melting drop transfer photos, on the melting drop transfer analysis in depth, and continuously modify the waveform control parameters to achieve the ideal welding results. 
Digital welding technology is the use of computer technology (digital signal processor technology mainly) to control the arc welding process, the equipment running, to meet and achieve the demands made by the welding process to get the desired weld. Digital welding machine consists of three parts: the number of the main circuit, digital control circuitry, digital man-machine interface. Of course, we all have the HD500's.
Second, HD500 Welder Features and characteristics of each panel
Parameter display one: dynamic display of current values during the welding process (A), and the motor speed when the jog (M / MIN). And parameters can be adjusted with a knob preset welding current value (A), and the welding time (S), ahead of time for aspirated (S), flow time (S) and other settings.
Parameter display two: dynamic display during welding voltage (V), and parameter adjustment knob with two preset weld voltage, set the arc characteristics, unified (+/-) and other parameters.
Channel number: and increase, decrease, modify the key with the storage, call the channel number, and change system parameters number
OC (DSP exception) Indicator: This indicator lights that unusual at this time DSP control circuit needs to shut down maintenance circuit.
OC (MCU exception) Indicator: This indicator light panel shows an error at this time. Match the user selects a welding method, if the method of matching errors, through MCU control alarm to alert users to match test method at this time.
OT (thermal) indicator: This indicator light shows IGBT, output rectifier to work long hours lead to high temperature, heat sink temperature can not be sent out promptly, in order to protect the main device, when the indicator light, stop the output, to be only after the use of lower temperature heat sink.
UV (undervoltage) indicator: This indicator light shows the input supply voltage is too low, or three-phase voltage phase.
Each button has a light-emitting diode next to the button for the corresponding instructions.
Parameter adjustment I: The control knob can change the parameters displayed in each case one parameter value.
Parameter adjustment II: The control knob can change the parameters displayed in each case two values of the parameters.
Key areas:
Arc characteristic: This button can adjust the arc through the combustion of the strength of the arc power level.
System parameter settings: This button can be adjusted by the welding process and the various periods of pulse parameters, namely: early aspiration time, flow time, back to the burning time, back to the burning voltage, peak current, peak time, the base value of the seven current parameters. With increased, decreased with the choice of different key parameters of the different parameters in the switch lights up indicating its indicator, and parameter adjustment via a / b 7, respectively, modify the parameter values.
Storage: With this button can be a good match during the welding process parameters stored. Parameters can be stored: the welding method, material, wire diameter, gas combination method, ending arc conditions, spot welding, welding time, welding parameters of the initial, basic, to close case of arc current and voltage values, arc property value and the parametric values of 7 parameters.
Call: With this button you can call a store button to save all parameter values.
Execution: In the months prior to welding parameters can be preset modified this button to send data to the DSP, the DSP with the parameters sent from the welding process control.
Welding Methods: This button can be in the DC pulse, DC, OP1 three cases switching.
Material: With this button can be solid in the low carbon steel, low carbon steel cored, stainless steel solid core, cored stainless, aluminum, aluminum, magnesium, OP2 switch between.
Wire diameter: With this button you can wire diameter 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.4,1.6,2.4, OP3 switch between options.
Crater Control: This button can be modified by closing arc control method, received no arc, ending arc there, closing the initial conditions arc.
Jog: You can press this button to control the wire feed motor jog.
Gas Inspection: By this button switches to control valve to regulate the air pressure control size.
Air / water: by this button to select the Air or water cooled, water-cooled case, open the tank switch, while a special water-cooled torch should be configured.
Dollar / individual: this button to choose a unified control or a separate regulation of individual control, adjust the current size of just under unified voltage to change based on current values, but this time can be adjusted as needed by the second parameter fine-tuning knob on the voltage.
Spot: With this button can be set to pulse spot welding method.
Welding time: the case in the choice of the spot can spot this button to modify the time parameter adjustment by a knob to modify the welding time.
Key lock: With this button you can lock all the other buttons on the panel (in addition to jogging and seized gas), only in the unlocked, the other key operation can be implemented.
Third, HD500 's application notes
First, before using the current / voltage is preset, the method of portfolio selection, ending arc current and voltage under preset tuning system parameters (system parameter setup button), arc characteristic of the fine-tuning and so on. When the parameters are set, press the "Run" button can be welded. 
Second, the torch and the workpiece to maintain the level of 45-degree angle, from right to left welding. Wire feeding tube use Teflon hose; aluminum welding wire feeder to use a special wire feeders: dual-drive wire feeder; wire wheels for the V-shaped 60-degree angle (before the V-shaped welded carbon steel is 30 degrees angle); in the progress of the wire feeder wire part of the middle part is the nylon materials are used in welding torch and wire feeder connections part of the wire feeding tube should be stretched out until close to the wire wheel. Wire feeder on the remote control box can be preset current, voltage fine-tuning. 
It applies a wide range of aluminum-magnesium alloy can be welded, alloy, stainless steel, low carbon steel and other materials, mainly used in aluminum, boiler, shipbuilding, automobile, chemical industry and robot welding.