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HC 500 Inverter DC Gas Metal Arc Welding MachineHC650 Inverter DC Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine

HC500 Ⅲ integrated gas shielded welder
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HC500 Ⅲ integrated gas shielded welder

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welding performance

Power supply with control circuit with independent intellectual property rights, ensure the machine's performance, and good dynamic response, to achieve the appearance of the weld.


.  welder feature-rich

Power has excellent melt ball function, with a special arc circuit can be achieved almost 100% of the arc ignition success rate.


.  welding process stability

Power high-speed feedback circuit, the system anti-jamming, anti-network volatility and strong, stable welding.


.  efficiency, energy saving

Power using advanced IGBT inverter technology and the power grid voltage compensation, greatly reduces the input power to achieve the saving.


.  power supply stable and reliable

A "soft switch" technology, so when the main power switching device operating in zero voltage switching or zero current state, greatly reducing the switch stress, the IGBT to further enhance reliability and thus improve the stability and reliability of inverter welding machine sex.


.  splash a small amount of

Power by waveform control technology, greatly reduces the amount of spatter, can be all-position welding.


.  strong ability to adapt to the environment

Three anti-machine to take a reliable treatment, ability to adapt to the environment.


. easy to operate

Power supply, wire feeder, cooling water tanks, gas cylinders integrated device, easy to move , easy to operate.


. easy to use wire feeding

Wire feeding can achieve a certain angle of rotation, and according to needs, to free detachable, comes with mobile casters, can be individually moved, increase operating radius, user-friendly.


. smooth wire feeding

Wire feeding by four-wheel drive to meet the requirements of high-speed smooth wire feeding.


. the whole mobile and flexible

Vehicle with large diameter front and rear, shock absorption, abrasion resistance can not only reduce the drive to better protect the wheel from the influence of special ground.