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168F-2 Vikyno Gasoline EngineCT312

Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine
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Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine

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Equipment main technical parameters
1, the effective cutting length of the longitudinal rail: 6000mm            
2, effective cutting width of the horizontal rail: 1600mm
3, cutting thickness :1-120mm
4, the cutting speed :50-1000mm / min
5, air travel speed :50-3000mm / min
6, cutting roughness: 12.5μm
7, cutting accuracy: ± 0.5mm / M
Second, the mechanical part
1, beams: single arm rotating structure, high strength, stiffness design eliminates stress treatment; using linear guide, the manufacturing precision far beyond the set of steel rails, to overcome the traditional set of steel rails vulnerable load deformation and other shortcomings; precision rack, in accordance with GB10095-88 standard 8-level precision production.
2, the main slide: the overall box-type welding structure, built-travel limit switches, vertical travel limit and the machine reference point return to the role.
3, the main gear box: fully closed, without gaps, with automatic anti-backlash spring, Manual clutch structure, transmission, high precision, good reliability, long life.
4, X to the rails and rack: rack mounted high-precision accuracy meet GB10095-88 standards:
4.1, rail: mechanical safety stop at both ends
5, the main cutting machine: 1 set, with lateral drive gear box and, with mechanical limit function.
6, horizontal cables used towline structure, clean and beautiful.
7, track support adjustment bracket.
8, other standard and non-standard parts.
Third, the control system
American Si Date SH-2000H system,
1,9.4-inch LCD:
2, full-screen program editor, insert, update, delete, copy
3, high-capacity user library
4, automatic image resizing, rotation
5, power failure recovery process
6, the cutting torch to return to the original trajectory
7, slotted compensation
8, RS-232 communication interface
9, the Chinese user interface
Full automatic cutting control software functions, to achieve:
● automate the entire process of cutting
● pause, acceleration and deceleration during cutting, the return back function
● Rapid positioning
● CRT analog processing and the synchronization process tracking display, the location coordinates display, the current speed display
● Coordinate Transformation
● inflection point acceleration and deceleration
● Standard Parts Library
● Plasma Interface
● Edit Language: ESA or GCD language
● fault display, self-diagnosis function, automatic alarm, automatic shutdown feature
Fourth, drive system
1, Panasonic servo motor drive, controller.
2, Germany NEUGART gearbox.

Fifth, the gas system
Gas tank  
Solenoid valve  
Tempering prevention device  
Cutting torch, cutting tip 
Six, automatic layout system programming software (optional)
1, the true independent software copyright, free upgrade, software upgrade for users with a reliable guarantee
2, all Chinese language interface, powerful, easy to operate
3, nesting speed of up to 10 parts per second, the plate an average of more than 75% utilization
4, rich management features, can be fixed at the cost, time quota, raw materials and other aspects of fixed factory managers to provide reliable first-hand material
5, using TB16 languages, and CAD graphics conversion macro mode of three programming
6,36 sets sets of non-rectangular mosaic automatic scheduling program, complete sets of automatic or interactive nesting, can achieve the highest utilization rate sheet, the deformation of the smallest parts, and according to the needs of different parts of the editorial adjustments: the mirror, copy , delete, and even cutting, bridge, no level amplification, free-style zoom, view, insert the key points, common border, distance, add parts, overlapping the alarm, change the cutting process and a series of auxiliary functions of the operation.
7, sheet metal can be processed more than expected set of rows.
8, with a graphical interface with AutoCAD DXF data format interface capability.
9, the simulation part of the whole process of sheet metal cutting.