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HE315 AC/DC Inverter Pulse TIG Welding MachineHexagon Connector

HE400 AC/DC Inverter Pulse TIG Welding Machine
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HE400 AC/DC Inverter Pulse TIG Welding Machine

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AC-DC inverter arc welding machine (aluminum welding)


● Rich Functions: AC TIG, DC TIG, Pulsed TIG, DC manual metal arc welding functions;
● Reliable Components: The key device is a world famous plant products, ensure the machine's performance;
● Advanced technology: a unique use of advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, inverter frequency up to 20KHz, fast dynamic response;
Unique arc control circuit, igniting a high success rate;
New advanced communication rectangular wave current control technology, the rapid conversion of arc polarity;
Changed the traditional high-dimensional arc technology to reduce the frequency hazards;
Initial current, welding current, arc current income separately continuous adjustment, easy access to high quality weld;
Using non-contact circuit design, greatly improving the overall stability and reliability;
● improve protection: a comprehensive network pressure, dry, short circuit, over current, thermal protection, protection circuits unique new, greatly improved the reliability of welding;
After a rigorous treatment of the three defense, EMI, EMC treatment, safe and reliable, pollution indicators across the network to a new level;
● Outstanding characteristics: small size, light weight, easy to operate, energy efficient;
Current, voltage digital display, intuitively clear, easy to operate.
● Solderability material: stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys and other metal materials;
● Welding thickness: 0.8mm or more thickness of the material for welding, can also be used in the back cover plate welding, forming side welding;
● Welding position: for all-position welding;
● Application: widely used in medical equipment, architectural, kitchen supplies, machinery, petroleum, chemical, boilers, pressure vessels, electrical construction and other industries
Technical parameters

Input power: Three-phase380V 50Hz
Rated input powerKVA:12
Output CurrentA:TIG 20~400
Manual welding20~315
Output VoltageV:TIG 10.8~26
Manual welding20.8~32.6
Rated duty cycle%:60
Dimensions (L × W × H)mm:685×375×725